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Helping business make the change

Odds are, you didn’t become an accountant because you love paperwork.
So why do you spend so much time doing admin?

At Connect Outsourcing we take care of the bread and butter work of accountants for around 25% the usual compliance fee, freeing you up for the client facing side of accounting that you love.

Offshoring your administration and process-driven tasks allows your team to focus on what’s important: helping your clients with advice and services. Outsourcing your compliance work also gives your company more capacity, enabling you to scale your business without increasing your overheads.

Have you been asking yourself: where is accountancy headed?

We believe the future of accounting services is shifting. Clients now look to accountants for more than just annual compliance services—they want real-time help in growing their businesses. IRD and Xero are moving to automation and with client expectations increasing and margins shrinking, compliance costs will become more of a burden for accountants.

Firms that have made the change to outsourcing with Connect tell us they are seeing growth and profitability in their business while gaining a significant increase in their filing percentages. They are more profitable, more agile and have less stress.

In contrast, the almost certain future for accountants not prepared to change their business model to outsource their compliance work is bleak.

So, how is your business going to embrace the changes that are coming?

How we can help…

Our proven outsourcing model can provide the solution. We have a team of trained and qualified accounting staff ready to take on all of your compliance work at a drastically reduced cost to you.

"Before we used Connect, we focused on business advisory only when a client asked us. Now we are able to be more engaged with our clients’ business. This gives our company a definite advantage."

We understand the pressures facing many accounting firms today: reducing margins, increasing staff costs, and the annual workflow bottlenecks during key tax times.

An outsourced compliance partner can resolve all of these issues and give your business back the time and resources it needs to focus on nurturing client relationships and growing your business.

Here at Connect Outsourcing we are staunch supporters of Australia employment and Australia employees. Outsourcing isn’t about replacing or firing your existing staff; it’s about giving your staff the space to focus on the real needs of both your clients and your business.

Freedom from the ongoing pressure of compliance work will also allow you to spend more time on upskilling and extended training of your team members.

Outsourcing is a completely different business model from what you may be used to, and we understand that it may seem intimidating. We provide full implementation support to help businesses transition, and are here to address any concerns.

As your compliance partner we focus on delivering stringent security protocols and strict quality assurance. Our quality controls ensure consistent, high-quality outputs that are reviewed before they reach you.